Yvonne Brooks

Entrepreneur, bestselling author, influential speaker and the World’s #1 Parenting with Love Coach. 

Yvonne Brooks is an industry leader in teaching parents about using love to decode their children’s emotional language. She is the author of the bestselling book, Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem, Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language and Co-Author of Emotional Banking for Kids, Bully Prevention Tips for Teens and The Price of Success. 

 Through Financial Abuse and The Spiritual Forces Attached to the Misuse of Money,

you will...

-Discover the spirits behind your misuse of money mindset

-Understand why spiritual intelligence is essential for financial success

-Grasp the tools necessary for removing negative spirits attached to money

-Develop a specific plan toward emotional healing from past financial abuse

-Overcome obstacles to achieve daily financial success 

Your financial success is not dependent on the economy, your family or the government.

Financial Abuse and the Spiritual Forces Attached to the Misuse of Money provides you with simple and easy to apply principles that will enable you to fulfill your desire to be set freefrom financial bondage, no matter who you are or what nationality.



"I am so STOKED and grateful to have met Ms. Yvonne Brooks when I did! I am so thankful she doesn’t hold back in sharing about the power of God and why He is the way, the truth and the life!"

Yasmin Soferi.

"Ms. Brooks helped me with other kids to build our self-esteem. Within a years time, she gave me the opportunity to write a book with her. Our book is called “Emotional Banking For Kids.” 

Yasmin Soferi
Co- author