Whether you are an individual, a family member, a neighbor, a corporation, the government or the nation, bestselling author Yvonne Brooks explains how you can identify the spirits attached to the misuse of money and how you can self correct to remove current negative attachments and attractions with money.  Through Financial Abuse and The Spiritual Forces Attached to the Misuse of Money, you will…


-Discover the spirits behind your misuse of money mindset

-Understand why spiritual intelligence is essential for financial success

-Grasp the tools necessary for removing negative spirits attached to money

-Develop a specific plan toward emotional healing from past financial abuse

-Overcome obstacles to achieve daily financial success




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Alicia Simms

Let me make myself clear, I’m not a reader, but to tell you the truth this author who wrote this book makes me want to read more. Thank you so much Mrs. Brooks God bless you and your family.

Michelle Henry

Now this author knows how to write a best seller book, she makes it so easy to read and understand. This book is a 5 star, I absolutely plan to stick with the content of this book. The only draw back I have is, it’s not an audio, hopefully in the future it becomes audio. It’s so great when you find one of those books that completely demands you to sit on the edge of your seat wondering what next. This is one of them be warned this book will expose you. If you are clueless about financial abuse rest asure this book got your back. Mrs. Brooks may the Lord always always bless you. May you continue to empower others through your writing.

Dry Fields


Well well well this book is an eye opener, things that I read in this book is the first time knowing them, eg. Paying yourself first seriously. Mrs. Brooks you are an amazing writer. Keep up the great work to God be the glory great things he has done. God bless you.

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Delroy Jackson

Mrs. Brooks you hit the nail right on the head oh my word. Since reading this book I’ve made so much changes in my life, this book have taught me to forgive and also to forget, I have also learn to manage my hours I could go on and on. This book is an extremely powerful book, it blew my mind, I was not expecting what I got. I’m so glad I got this chance to read this book. God bless you woman of God.

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I can say honestly this is one of the best book I read apart from the bible. As a man I can say it is so easy to comprehend. This is an awesome work Mrs. Brooks. Waiting on the next edition lot of blessings to you.

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