Whether you are an individual, a family member, a neighbor, a corporation, the government or the nation, bestselling author Yvonne Brooks explains how you can identify the spirits attached to the misuse of money and how you can self correct to remove current negative attachments and attractions with money.  Through Financial Abuse and The Spiritual Forces Attached to the Misuse of Money, you will…


-Discover the spirits behind your misuse of money mindset

-Understand why spiritual intelligence is essential for financial success

-Grasp the tools necessary for removing negative spirits attached to money

-Develop a specific plan toward emotional healing from past financial abuse

-Overcome obstacles to achieve daily financial success




Pampas Grass

Alicia Simms

Let me make myself clear, I’m not a reader, but to tell you the truth this author who wrote this book makes me want to read more. Thank you so much Mrs. Brooks God bless you and your family.