Coaching Sessions

for Advancement


1. What is the purpose of parenting with love?

Parenting with love is the healthiest form of parenting. Loving yourself first and making self-care a priority demonstrates your ability to give your child the highest level of a healthy and stable relationship. 

2. How can I stop feeling anxious about being a parent?

Identify trigger points and learn to manage them with patience. 

3. Why do I feel guilt when I discipline my child?

Feeling guilty after disciplining your child comes from inner betrayal. Make sure you are behaving the same way you would like your child to behave. 

4. How can I communicate effectively with my sons?

Effective communication begins with yourself first, then with your sons. Sons feel love by honor and respect. Respect and honor yourself daily so that your son will experience your genuine love for them. 

5. Why is my child not listening?

Many children do not listen to their parents because their parents do not listen to them. Your relationship with your child should be fun and mutually beneficial.